Bentley fits the Bentayga with an £80,000 tackle box

Bentley Bentagya fitted with £80,000 tackle box

Mulliner – Bentley’s bespoke coachbuilding and finishing service for the carmaker’s most exclusive customers – can offer you a great deal of things for a great deal of money.

You can deck out your Bentley with custom stone veneers, champagne coolers, cocktail cabinets, posh picnic sets and more, and the hyper exclusive arm of the carmaker sometimes puts it name to special editions.

There is of course, the coachbuilding aspect of Mulliner too. The Queen is a customer – Her Majesty’s personal state limousine is a Bentley built by Mulliner, delivered in time for the monarch’s Golden Jubilee in 2002.

However, Mulliner’s latest creation moves on from British Royals and onto an all-new target market – fishermen.

Bentley’s personalisation arm has come up with the ultimate car for keen anglers. It’s a special version of the firm’s new Bentayga SUV, fitted with what can only be described as the world’s most expensive fly fishing set.

On top of the £160,000 price you’ll pay for the 600bhp, 187mph Bentayga, £80,000 will net you the fly fishing set stored in the boot, loaded with all the gear you’ll need for a successful day on the riverbank and presented exactly as you’d expect, with luxurious materials and clever touches.

Open the boot, and attached underneath the car’s parcel shelf are four tubes trimmed in saddle leather with linen cross stitching. They’re a perfect stow for four handmade rods and sit right above the fly fishing kit’s party piece.

It’s a huge, luxurious tackle box kitted out with three different units – a master tackle station, a refreshments case and a waterproof stowage trunk for waders and boots.

Inside the tackle station, you’ll find a comprehensive stock of kit tucked away in a burr walnut veneered drawer. Tools like a fly-tying vice are included, as well as a selection of cottons, hooks and feathers. Underneath the drawer are four reel cases, machined from solid aluminium and trimmed in saddle leather.

The refreshment cabinet contains three metal flasks and a set of fine-china tableware. There’s also a food storage compartment. The box can be removed from the boot and used as a perch to sit on.

Alongside is a stowage trunk for wet waders and boots, lined with hardwearing neoprene to keep wet and dirty items in a waterproof environment. The whole lot can be removed from the boot if you need the space for other country pursuits, which slides out.

A pair of landing nets kept in leather-trimmed side pockets are thrown in, as is a dehumidifying system, so the SUV’s posh interior isn’t tainted by the smell of fish. Further protection comes in the form of a waterproof boot floor and rear-sill protection covers.

The car also gets a non-fishing related exclusive – welcome lights fitted underneath the doors, projecting Bentley and Mulliner logos onto the ground when the doors are opened. Customers can even specify a unique pattern or logo for the projectors should they wish.

The fly fishing edition Bentayga may not be the only quarter of a million pound SUV aimed at outdoorsy types either. Autocar says that similar packages could be coming for other countryside activities, depending on demand.

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