BMW i8: Specs, prices and reviews

The Platinum Car Company - News on BMW I8

The BMW i8 is one of the most groundbreaking sports cars on sale, with a radical, concept car-like design and very special powertrain lurking underneath the bodywork.

Despite being on sale for two years now, the i8 remains one of the most desirable vehicles you can buy. It’s a plug-in hybrid and the car for those wanting to mix Porsche 911-rivalling performance with excellent efficiency and smooth all-electric running power. However, it’s also an expensive option, with a price tag exceeding six figures.

Nevertheless, Auto Express says it “really does redefine what a supercar can be”, adding it’s the “stuff of a bedroom poster” and that the hybrid propulsion makes it a pretty unique proposition.

At the moment the i8 is available as a hard-top coupe only, but BMW has plans to expand the range over the next few years.

Here’s what you need to know.


The i8’s design is one of its biggest selling points, considering it’s one of the most eye-catching cars money can buy.

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