Anthony Owner Of The Platinum Car Company

Platinum Car Hire Services In The UK

When it comes to a platinum service you cannot overlook The Platinum Car Company!

In the air or on the ground, you’re fully immersed in a world of luxury and prestige. Combining high-end supercar and prestige car rental services through multiple service lines that include Chauffeur hire, Self-drive hire, Wedding car hire, and Prom car hire.

Based in London and Essex we supply the UK with super cars and prestige cars for prices you cannot match. To go that extra mile we introduced private jet hire to complete the full Platinum service alongside car rental. Buckle up and start your journey the platinum way!

Ferrari 488 Spider Available For Hire From Platinum
New Ferrari 488 Spider Added To The Collection For Car Rental

A London Based Car Rental Company

At The Platinum Car Company, we believe that we are more than just a London based car rental company. We are transforming the travel market by making travel enjoyable and relaxing, not to mention luxurious. Constantly having agents at hand ready to deal with any requests and proactively preparing for our client’s needs. Located In London we also cover all corporate travel and events.

White Audi Q7 Available For Self Drive Hire

Audi Q7

White, Diesel, 2015



Daily Self Drive Hire

BMW M5 Car Rental


Blue, Diesel, 2019



Daily Self Drive Hire

Ferrari 488 Spider Car Rental

Ferrari 488 Spider

Red, Diesel, 2019



Daily Self Drive Hire


Lamborghini Urus

Blue, Diesel, 2019



Daily Self Drive Hire

Some of the vehicles you can expect to rent within the UK are Audi rentals, BMW rentals, and Mercedes rentals, through to the supercars like Ferrari and Lamborghini. These cars are available for hire 365 days a year. No matter whether its a long term hire or short term hire our platinum car hire service is here for you.

Car Rental Near Me

With access to car rentals throughout the UK, we can source vehicles on-request and on-demand. Therefore, you do not have to be in Essex or London to take advantage of our platinum car rental services. Simply call 01277 610217 or email [email protected]

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